The CENTRAL EUROPE project ET-struct has officially ended its activities i.e. the website will no longer be updated.
However, the website will be available and online until December 2015 for the downloading of the project results.
The ET-LearnTrain eLearning modules can be accessed at until December 2018.
Thank you for your kind interest, the ET-struct project partnership.


What is ET-struct?

old introduction video

ET-struct is a project implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

As numerous national and international studies show work force qualifications do not sufficiently match the needs of regional economies. This hinders economic growth, competitiveness and employment and hence is in contradiction to the renewed Lisbon agenda.

One identified cause is a general lack of coherence between "the connection of the educational system to the leading edge of technology and business practices".

To overcome this lack of coherence it will be necessary to closely interlink three fundamental factors, which contribute to economic growth, competitiveness and employment:

  • Personal development
  • Economic development
  • Regional development.

There is, however, little evidence at present to show that this triangular interlinking exists and if it does exist it is not functioning effectively. An innovative systemic process which facilitates the effective free flow of information across interfaces, engaging the different players involved needs to be improved.

ET-struct (EconomicEducational Territorial–Structure) will build a Europe-wide network of regional experts and decision makers in the fields of economy and education.