The CENTRAL EUROPE project ET-struct has officially ended its activities i.e. the website will no longer be updated.
However, the website will be available and online until December 2015 for the downloading of the project results.
The ET-LearnTrain eLearning modules can be accessed at until December 2018.
Thank you for your kind interest, the ET-struct project partnership.




European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


The European Office, Vienna Board of Education

The Vienna Business Agency

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Training and Education Centre of Trade and Industry

The Secondary Technical School Hranice

The University of Economy in Bydgoszcz

Lower Silesian Vocational Information and Teacher Training Centre

Institution for Adult Education Kočevje

Development and Education Centre Novo mesto

CNA Modena

Modena Formazione

Region of Veneto - Department of Labour

En.A.I.P. Veneto - Regional Agency of Vocational Training


Cooperation Partners

CE-Ageing Platform aims to minimise negative effects and impacts of demographic change in Central Europe. The project promotes new service designs and up-grade skills and knowledge of the target group to meet the demands of SMEs as well as to contribute to sustainable change by establishing a joint strategy.

The project ACCESS is implemented by 11 partners from 8 Central European countries that have a common interest in improving their innovation policy. The partners will share knowledge about innovation management tools and techniques, most notably through their organization and participation in a specific "Transnational Innovation Management Training".

The focus of INNOTRAIN IT is to transfer knowledge on IT Service Management, empowering SMEs to strengthen the innovation potential of their businesses in CENTRAL EUROPE. SMEs learn how to simplify their IT by using the innovative potential of ITSM by offering:

  • a newly developed, simplified ITSM method tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • free of charge face-to-face trainings qualifying at least 1,000 CEOs and CIOs across Europe and
  • an interactive online training platform.

Budapest Enterprise Agency
The web page is the official site of the Budapest Enterprise Agency's young enterpreneur developing project i. e. Smart Hungary "build your own business during your young ages". The Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA), formerly: Budapest Foundation for Enterprise Promotion) was established by the Municipality of Budapest in 1993. The General Assembly of Budapest appoints the members of BEA's Board of Trustees and Supervisory Board. The Board of Trustees is responsible for realizing the goals defined in the Deed of Foundation. The function of the Supervisory Board is to oversee the management and operation of BEA. The Board of Trustees is bound to report annually on the operation of BEA to its founders and publish its main business indicators for the year.

i.e. SMART
Until the end of 2014, 12 partners from seven urban areas (Bratislava, Budapest, Modena, Prague, Stuttgart, Venice and Vienna) will set up a permanent SMART transnational network that will develop, implement and manage a new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship training in CENTRAL EUROPE.

BO-Scout (BO = Career Guidance) Scout is a German-language tailor-made blended eLearning platform for pupils in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the context of the regional management structure "SchuleWirtschaft". BO-Scout offers pupils and teachers excellent opportunities to research and train for job opportunities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The eLearning website and the accompanying teacher guideline ("BO-Scout Guidelines for Teachers" available as pdf at is an excellent example of how an EU-co-financed project can support teaching and vocational training.