The CENTRAL EUROPE project ET-struct has officially ended its activities i.e. the website will no longer be updated.
However, the website will be available and online until December 2015 for the downloading of the project results.
The ET-LearnTrain eLearning modules can be accessed at until December 2018.
Thank you for your kind interest, the ET-struct project partnership.




European Office Bericht der internationalen Aktivitäten der Stadt Wien

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Stadtschulrat website (announcement - project presentation in Brussels)

CENTRAL EUROPE website (announcement - project presentation in Brussels)

CENTRAL EUROPE website (Join the survey about new skills for new jobs.)

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Czech Republic

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Collection of articles

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Website articles from 01/07/2011 - 12/12/2011 (

The project ET-struct was presented in Schools fair

In Schools affair was presented transnational and regional module

In the project ET-struct will be developed the regional module

Press release 25/11/2011

City of Hranice participating in the project ET-struct 09/2011 (page 7)

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DCIZiDN 30 minutes newspaper (circulation: 10.000 copies)

DCIZiDN Lower Silesian Center for Vocational Information and Teacher Training in Wałbrzych (website)

DCIZiDN Lower Silesian Marshall Office - subpage European Funds (website)

DCIZiDN Lower Silesian Marshall Office - subpage European Territorial Cooperation (website)

DCIZiDN Wałbrzych Weekly (circulation: 8.5000 copies)

Dolny Sląsk

DCIZiDN Dzierżoniów district

DCIZiDN Kłodzko district 1

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DCIZiDN Lower Silesian Marshall Office 1

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DCIZiDN Lower Silesian Marshall Office 3

DCIZiDN Wałbrzych district 1

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DCIZiDN Wałbrzych district 4

DCIZiDN Świdnica district 1

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DCIZiDN Świdnica district 3

DCIZiDN Ząbkowice district 1

DCIZiDN Ząbkowice district 2

Express Bydgoski (Bydgoszcz' Express) - ET-struct in Bydgoszcz

Kurier - ET-struct in Bydgoszcz

WSG in ET-struct

No for unemployment – ET-struct in Bydgoszcz

Website article - 14/06/2010

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RIC webpage

RIC webpage

RIC brochure

RIC stakeholders

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RIC press release

RIC webpage

RIC webpage

RIC brochure

RIC webpage

RIC webpage

RIC press release

ET-struct presentation - radio Univox

Web press article - 19/01/2011

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Web press article - 01/03/2011

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Radio 1

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Comunicato Stampa #1197

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Veneto partecipa a ET-struct

Formazione e lavoro il progetto ET-struct

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L'Informatore Artigiano

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Gazetta di Modena

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