The CENTRAL EUROPE project ET-struct has officially ended its activities i.e. the website will no longer be updated.
However, the website will be available and online until December 2015 for the downloading of the project results.
The ET-LearnTrain eLearning modules can be accessed at until December 2018.
Thank you for your kind interest, the ET-struct project partnership.



20/12/12 ET-struct Final Outputs

26/05/10 ET-struct brochure

01/08/10 ET-struct WP3 ET-Inventory - Catalogue of Trans-national Inventory Criteria

03/12/10 Draft Integrated Content Management System - ET-LearnTrain

03/12/10 Draft Management Handbook - ET-Academy

03/12/10 Draft Transnational Inventory - New Skills for new Jobs

14/12/10 Draft Concept - ET-Pilot Actions Type 1 and Type 2

14/12/10 1st Draft - ET-Strategy and Action & ET-Management

12/02/11 Public Procurement

29/06/11 ET-struct WP 3 ET-Inventory - New Skills for New Jobs

16/09/11 ET-Academy - Management Handbook (Pre-Final Version)

16/09/11 ET-Pilot Actions (Final concept of evaluation)

16/09/11 ET-struct ET-Strategy and Action and ET-Management 2nd Draft

28/11/11 ET-LearnTrain Draft Technical ICMS

22/12/11 ET-struct Material Pool for Viennese Regional Module

09/02/12 Public Procurement for ET-struct Promotional Video

27/04/12 WP5 Pilot Action Type 1 Interim Evaluation

29/04/12 WP5 Pilot Action Type 1 Presentation

24/05/12 Public Procurement

19/06/12 ET-Pilot Actions - Final Evaluation Report

19/06/12 Pilot Actions Type 1 - ET‐Academy evaluation report

19/06/12 Pilot Actions Type 2 - Regional Model (Strategy)

01/10/12 Work Package 6 - Interim Version of Policy Guidelines Plan

16/10/12 ET-Academy - Management Handbook

16/10/12 ET-LearnTrain – Integrated Content Management System

11/11/12 The Joint Policy Guidelines and Action Plan "ET-Management" and the Regional Territorial "ET-Management" Concepts

04/03/13 Terms of Reference, Service: Capitalisation

16/04/13 Terms of Reference, Service: Final Reporting

Regional Surveys

Vienna (AT)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (DE)

Hranice (CZ)

Karvinā (CZ)

Bydgoszcz (PL)

Wałbrzych (PL)

Goreniska (SI)

Jugovzhodna (SI)

Modena (IT)

Veneto (IT)

Ukraine (UA)